Logitech G305 Review Gaming Mouse With Hero 12k Sensor

Logitech G305 Review













  • Price
  • Great For Traveling
  • Ability To Change Battery
  • Weight


  • Limited Connectivity
  • Average Side Buttons
  • Small Rubber Feet

I decided to buy the Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse when it was first released as it had LogitechG’s latest wireless technology Lightspeed and the new Hero 12k Sensor claimed to be much more efficient. It’s that efficient that Logitech claims you can get 250 hours from a single AA battery which is a lot and it’s a compact size and low weight is ideal for traveling. I mean all at a really affordable price something has to give right? Well let’s see



PRICE – This at the time of launch in the UK was £51.99 and in the US $50 making it one of if not the cheapest wireless gaming mice on the market with its new wireless technology. What’s is great is that now this mouse can be picked up for around £39.99 if you shop around.

DESIGN/SHAPE – The mouse is all plastic with the only rubber component being the scroll wheel and no RGB lighting. The plastic is slightly textured with comfort curves in the left and right mouse buttons. The mouse is in the small to medium category and is better suited to Claw/Finger tipped grip. I do find the mouse to be a little small for my hand 19cm x 8cm when using a Palm/Claw hybrid grip. The mouse is a traditional shape with the high point of the hump being more centrally located with the sides being tapered in allowing for a better grip. If you prefer flatter sides to press against this is something to look into before purchasing. The mouse has 6 fully programmable buttons and although it’s an even shape it is classed as a right-handed mouse. There is a removable rear back panel with a silver logo which gives you access to the wireless dongle storage and the AA Battery compartment. The base has the power On/Off switch as well as 6 skatez to enable easier gliding with a blue LogitechG logo and G305 marking.

BUILD QUALITY – is doesn’t suffer from any flex when squeezing the sides or creaks which is impressive given that a lot of plastic has been removed to keep the weight down. The plastic is nice to the touch while proving some grip though it would have been nice to have some rubber on here as it can feel a little hard. I do understand in order for Logitech to keep the weight down they didn’t add this though. The rear panel while in use hasn’t moved or come off when gaming or doing a general desktop activity and it is held securely by the clips. Changing the battery is fast to do and the wireless dongle when travelling can be stored under the panel also making it a compact mouse.

SENSOR – The new Hero 12k sensor is housed inside this body and Logitech have been advertising better efficiently increasing battery life. I expect the mouse to take a few wiggles to wake up but it responded instantly even when left for long periods. On testing the sensor with some lines, angels and ripples it performed perfectly and didn’t miss a heartbeat proving some of the best tracking I’ve seen. The polling rate is changeable up to 1000hz and the DPI can be adjusted to fit your needs.

SCROLL WHEEL – This is one of the best I’ve used with a lovely feel when moving though the notches which aren’t to bumpy or lose. The thickness is decent and the rubber provides great grip preventing slippage. The pressure to press down the button is firm so no miss clicks here when swapping weapons or browsing the net. This doesn’t have the ability that some LogitechG mice have where they have a switch allowing you to feel scroll without notices so there is some work required to scroll webpages/documents.

SKATEZ – It comes with four corner pads one around the sensor and a dot at the back to help prevent friction if you are applying pressure on the rear. I do feel that these pads although provide ok glide could do with being a little larger and I feel Logitech kept these down in size to save weight. This can be improved with some upgraded pads from someone like Corepads or Hyperglides though at an additional cost. If you are using this for day to day desktops tasks and the odd bit of gaming they provide adequate glide but if you are planning to use this for some competitive fps then I would advise upgrading these.

BUTTONS – the right and left buttons are Omron switches rated to 10m clicks and provide a lovely snappy click with very good feedback. The press is short and swift with the buttons being independent from the shell. The side buttons are a little less impressive with a spongy feel and medium amount of travel though. There is a profile button located just behind the scroll wheel which changes colour depending on the selected profile. Some people might find this location a problem and might accidentally press it, tough for me this wasn’t an issue as its low profile. All buttons are fully reprogrammable if you want to customise them to your needs.

WEIGHT – Logitech states that this mouse with an AA battery in comes in at 99 grams and this was the case when I weighted it. There are some simple mods you can do to the mouse to make it lighter e.g. use an AAA battery instead of a AA bring it closer to 80+ grams and well worth looking into if you want it to be even lighter.

SIZE – The mouse is made for small to medium hands with a length of 117mm a width of 62mm and a height of 38mm. This doesn’t mean a larger hand can’t use it but I would expect over a long period with this potentially provide no support it could be uncomfortable.

BATTERY – I mean wow just wow this really is as good as LogitechG says with an impressive result and in my opinion Logitech being reserved with their 250h estimate given I’m yet to change my battery after 3+ months and using a AAA. I do like that unlike most wireless mice Logitech have allowed you to use any brand battery here so unlike some built in batteries you will not see a degrade in life over its lifespan.

CONNECTIVITY – The mouse has a dedicated 2.4ghz wireless dongle which is stored in the rear of the mouse. The dongle is low profile with about 2mm sticking out of the USB port. There though no USB option if you run out of AA batteries. If you are concerned about lag due to this being wireless then don’t it has Logitech’s Lightspeed technology which is great. I’ve not been able to tell the difference between this G305 and any Esport’s wired mouse. I would go as far as saying that humans can’t tell the difference expect some exceptional Esport’s pro’s.

SOFTWARE – This uses the standard LogitechG software where you can customise to your hearts content as long as you install it. There is a battery level also included and from here you can apply profiles to allow different mouse button configurations or dpi levels all selectable by the profile button located on the top of the mouse or within the software.