Logitech G Pro Wireless Review Gaming Mouse With Lightspeed & Hero 16k Sensor

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review













  • Zero Lag Wireless
  • Great Shape
  • Awesome Build Quality


  • Very Slippery
  • Price
  • Mushy Main Buttons

The Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse isn’t the cheapest mouse on the market but it is certainly worth the money and here’s why. If you want a full detailed review check out my Youtube video where I’ve done an in-depth review.

DESIGN – It’s been created by LogitechG division who have collaborated with eSports Pro’s and Youtubers to create what they say is the perfect eSports mouse. The design is sleeked with a nice curve, symmetrical sides allowing both left and right handed players to benefit from the shape. The overall design is subtle with the only RGB being on the rear lighting up the G Logo.

QUALITY – The mouse is built for plastic and has no rubber on the sides as you might expect. This for me makes it slightly slipper than most mice, especially with the tapered edges. The coating used is smooth but in my opinion is too slippery, so you need to grip it harder than mouse mice.

PERFORMANCE – Well what I can say the new Hero 16k sensor is sublime and both tracking and power efficiently. I’ve had the G903, Hyperflux Mamba, G305 & Corsair Dark Core and in my opinion, the G Pro Wireless is certainly at the top of the class giving me no reason to complain or feel the wifi isn’t performing as well as a wired mouse.

WEIGHT – Wow what can I said this thing feels super light and this isn’t a surprise given it comes in at 80grams. If you want a light wireless mouse then this is the one to get. If you remove the button and USB dongle you can get it down to 77grams.

BATTERY – This has been amazing with well over two weeks if not a month of use before needing to charge it. It can also be used in combination with the power play charging mousepad if you don’t even want to have to plug it in to charge it. Usual USB charge time is about 1to2hs for a full charge. The battery can’t be changed as it is integrated.

SIZE – The mouse is a medium-sized mouse with an even size all over e.g the width on the back, front and sides are very similar within 4mm.

BUTTONS – These feel great with a nice short press and click on the left & right buttons. The side one can below blanked off and if used have a very short press allowing for a rapid press and zero spongy feeling.

CONNECTIVITY – No Bluetooth but you can use a USB Dongle which is slim with only about 1mm sticking out. There is also a USB cable for when it needs charging or if you want to use it wired.

SOFTWARE – This uses the Logitech G software package and within this, you can fully customise the mouse from which button you want to do what to turning off the RGB logo. The software also provides a live status if the battery status which is nice.

IN THE BOX – The box includes a custom 2m soft rubber USB cable for charging, USB block a manual and blank button. The USB dongle is located and stored under the button inside the mouse.

CONCLUSION – If you are looking for an awesome wireless mouse that can hold it’s own against the top wired mice then look no further as this G Pro Wireless is here. If you are concerned about how slippy this mouse is or are on a tighter budget then check out the Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse.