FinalMouse UltraLight SunSet Review Gaming Mouse

FinalMouse UltraLight SunSet Review













  • UltraLight
  • Decent Sensor
  • Nice Design
  • Decent Quality


  • Only In Large Size
  • Price
  • No Software
  • Cable Not Very Flexible

I had heard a lot about the Finalmouse Ultralight Range and wanted to test one out to see if it was as good as people had been saying. If you want a full detailed review going over sensor results, slam tests, cable flex than check out my Youtube review video where I’ve gone into a lot more depth.

PRICE – It was originally listed for $89.99 but only ran for a limited time. If you want one of these now they are very hard to get so are fetching prices into $200 + if you can find one. The good news is a new has been announced the Finalmouse Ultralight Ninja Air 58 which I’ve pre-ordered to review.

DESIGN/SHAPE – The first thing you will notice is the honeycomb holes. At first, I thought these would cause me issues because I would be able to feel them and this wasn’t the case, in fact, I didn’t even notice them even after a long gaming session. It has a traditional shape designed for a right-handed person and all grips with buttons on the left side where a right-handed players thumb would be. It would also work for left-handed players if they don’t mind the buttons on the side as it has an even shape. In this sunset orange it certainly catches your eye and for a change, this mouse has no RGB or lighting to keep the weight down. It has 4 medium size skatez in each corner providing a glide surface.

BUILD QUALITY – This mouse is certainly light and is expected to be given that its USP is how light this mouse is. The construction is solid though with no flex in the shell or sides when pressed firmly. The costing on this one is bright sunset orange hence the name and is a soft plastic rubber texture which feels nice. The colour though could over time become grubby and I’m not sure how easy it would be to clean without bringing off the soft rubber coating. I expect it will also wear down fast and any texture will smooth out overtime as other mice with this style of coating have. The mouse glide speed is good without it snagging on the mouse pad and I didn’t feel any need to upgrade these, though some people might like to.

PERFORMANCE – Using it day to day the feel of the 3360 is perfect and I have any issues here with this. It is capable of switching between 4 DPI settings 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. The polling rate is the only drawback on this mouse with a maxim rate of 500hz which can impacts performance on a 240hz screen but most players wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

SIZE – The Finalmouse Ultralight comes in one size which is a large mouse coming in at 126x66x39mm.

WEIGHT – With a weight of 67g advertise its almost unbelievable given the size so I tested it on my scales and it matches with my scales read of 67g also. Total weight with the cable and USB came in at 105g. Wow, this is a light mouse especially given the size of it and is certainly the lightest mouse I’ve tried in this class.

BUTTONS – Left and right clicks are awesome with a nice snappy click from the Omron switches and I love the curves which help you stay centre on the buttons avoiding any slipping. I find this curve similar to the Razer Deathadder but I find for me they are too far apart because of the fat scroll wheel. The front and back side buttons on the left side are a decent size and like most brands bar a few feel a little spongy making them a little slow to press though this didn’t bother me. The main issues I had with the buttons were the side buttons and the distances from my thumb as I struggled to be able to reach the front one comfortably.

SCROLL WHEEL – has one of the fattest ones I’ve ever used and you certainly won’t have any issues finding it to use. The movement feels really smooth to scroll and It does have some notches there but these are subtle with a short transition. The press down requires a lot of force so there will be no accidental clicks. I would have liked a lighter press here as this feels firmer than most.

CABLE – is braided and isn’t very flexible at all. In my opinion, this is the weakest part of this mouse and would benefit from a paracord mod.

SOFTWARE – It doesn’t come with any which is both good and bad as you can’t reassign the buttons. What you can do though is use a program called X Mouse Button which will let you do this.

IN THE BOX – There is a mouse and that’s it. Nothing special here but the packaging fine for its purpose.

CONCLUSION – If you like a larger mouse and want a light one than this one is certainly worth checking out. The initial price of this mouse is on the expensive side for what you get but with stocks low its now really expensive so if you do want one you will need to be prepared to pay for it.

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