BenQ Zowie ZA Series Gaming Mouse Review

BenQ Zowie ZA11 Review













  • Good Shape
  • Good Build Quality
  • Flexible Cable
  • Decent Weight
  • Good Buttons


  • Poor Scroll Wheel
  • Requires A Good Surface
  • No Provided Software

This BenQ Zowie ZA Series mouse is priced well in the market but is it still worth the money, well below will hopefully give me some guidance with my thoughts. If you want a full detailed review check out my Youtube video where I’ve done an in-depth review

DESIGN – It’s been created by Zowie who is the gaming arm for BenQ. The mouse is built from a smooth plastic which does attract fingerprints. If you have OCD then this might not be the one for you. The body is ridged and has no flex or rattles. Overall the product is engineered well.

DESIGN/SHAPE – This is an ambidextrous mouse and has buttons on both sides to suit both. It’s a high profile mouse with an arched rear, though is shaped like a traditional mouse with nothing outrageous going on. The mouse has no RGB or lighting but does have two logos. One is the Zowie which is located o on the rear and the other BenQ in a subtle black on the left side of the mouse. The mouse has two large pads for gliding and is suited to all grip styles. The sides although having no texture or rubber allow due to the angle a decent grip on the mouse even with the smooth coating applied.

PERFORMANCE – The shell houses the 3310 optical sensors which have been around for a while and is proven to be reliable. The mouse performed well on both a cloth surface and hard but it didn’t work well on a desk, therefore, I would recommend a mouse pad to accompany this. The mouse has four Dpi settings 400/800/1600/3200 which are controlled by a button located on the bottom which changes colour to reflect that setting. Polling rate can also be changed to 125/500/1000.

SIZE – The ZA series has three sizes the ZA13 which is small 120x62x38, ZA12 medium 124x64x39 and ZA11 large 128x67x40. When measured the ZA11 came in as expected with no surprises.

WEIGHT – The ZA series has three weights the ZA13 80g, ZA12 85g and ZA11 90g. The weight here is different in each but the ZA11 that I tested came in at 91g with a little bit of cable so weighed as expected.

BUTTONS – These feel great with a nice short press and no pre-travel on the left & right buttons. The side ones are good with some travel but nothing too major and also provided nice feedback. The scroll wheel though was a disappointment for me with it feeling gritty when scrolling and long transitions between notches. This for me is the weak point. During gaming, this would be acceptable but if you want to also surf the net then there are better around.

CONNECTIVITY – is provided by a 2m rubber coated cable. The cable is one of the most flexible on the market that is provided as standard and made the mouse feel unrestricted without any bungee insight.

SOFTWARE – The mouse doesn’t come with any software and is controlled by holding down button combinations while you plug in the mouse. The combinations are listed in the manual or online.

IN THE BOX – The box includes a manual, some packaging and some replacement Skatez which was awesome.

CONCLUSION – If you are in the market for a reasonable price eSports mouse that you can depend on then this is one to certainly look at. It provides reliable tracking, fast clicks and unrestricted movement with its outstanding cable. The mouse is only let down by a poor scroll wheel which hopefully can be improved on.