Razer Bungee Review

Razer Bungee Review













  • Super Sticky Base
  • Nice Looks


  • Epensive
  • Sticky Base Will Wear
  • Light Weight

I’ve been wanting to try some more premium bungees to understand if they do offer something extra for the price. I purchased the Razer Bungee v1 looking for that extra bit of bang for buck. Below are my thoughts after using it and if you would like to see a more detailed review then check out my YouTube review.



DESIGN – As with most mouse bungees, this is a common construction made from gloss black plastic with a subtle Razer logo at the bottom middle of the base. There’re two legs configured in a V shape and three cable management runs are available. One is located at the top and two on the bottoms rear. The springs are finished in a matte black to ensure the entire bungee is black and the base has pads covering it.

QUALITY – The Razer bungee is well built but made from all plastic with smooth edges and the springs as expected are metal.


PRICE – At a steep £16.99 I paid for this in the UK and around $20 in the US it better delivery something special as other non-major branded ones come in at a third of the price, so I’m expecting something from Razer here to wow me to justify it.

BASE – This is where for me Razer has done a good job by ensuring this is never going to move well when its first unpackaged and placed on a surface anyway. This is achieved by having super sticky rubber all around the bottom. I advise that you ensure you place it in the correct location first as it won’t come off easily as well as losing its initial super sticky grip if moved around. This level of sticky resistance stops it from moving around ensuring the only part that move is the spring and this is what you want. If it does lose its stickiness over time you could always just restick it with M3 tape.

SPRING TENSION/MOVEMENT – The springs feel nice and light with a low tension ensuring no restriction to movement by pulling back on the mouse.

SIZING – With a small footprint this is a very compact bungee keeping your desktop pc setup free from clutter. The height comes in at 47.5mm with a rear base width of 50mm and the front base width of 83mm. Measuring the full arm top to bottom its 160mm and the spring its self being 95mm. The top cable channel has a narrow opening width of 2.2mm with the inside channel being 3mm wide. Both rear channels have an opening of 5mm with the inside shrinking to 2.4mm to grip the cable.

WEIGHT – 105g on the scales

THE BOX – It comes in nice Razer packaging as expected but there is only the bungee include the box.

CONCLUSION – Overall this is a well-constructed bungee from Razer but there are lower priced unbranded ones that do a similar job out there offering similar results. What I would say is if you are finding that your bungee is tipping or moving then the base on this is going to prevent this. If you have a Razer pc setup then this will fit right in with it keeping that Razer theme going but If you just want a bungee then I would look at some cheaper alternatives which do the same job at a third of the price.