Xiberia Gaming Earbuds Review MG-1

Xiberia Gaming Earbuds Review MG-1













  • Great Design
  • Detachable Mic
  • Included Cable Extension
  • Price
  • Sound Quality


  • Short Main Cable
  • Sound Isolation

I came across these Xergur Xiberia Gaming Earbuds and wanted to do a review on them as they have a unique feature which is the ability to connect an external mic making them ideal for a travelling gaming headset. If you want to see a more detailed review then check out my Youtube review on them below.


DESIGN – The Xergur MG-1 Gaming Earphone come in a mix of red and black accents. One the cable are some media controls for fast access.
whats in my opinion, the unique selling point on these earphones and what draws my attention to check them out is they have a detachable mic.
Yes, not a mic built into the media controls but a mic on an adjustable arm. The earphones do have what I would call a boomerang fitting which doesn’t go around
the ear but sits inside your ear making it a secure fit.

PRICE – 19.99

QUALITY – I found these to be well made for the price and expect them to last a decent period without the cable wearing or the colour coming off. They’re made from all plastic which keeps them light and
have a nice soft rubber tip that fits inside the ear. The quality of these is comparable to other better-known brands costing 3x as much.

SOUND – They are 16 ohms provided by a 10mm driver. The Isolation on these isn’t perfect but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve had and there is another set of earpiece for a better fit. I didn’t hear any cross
audio even at high volume. I used these for music were they had nice all round sound with a decent thump of the base and as well gaming wherein Pubg I found them to be perfect for hearing all the footsteps around me giving good directional isolation.

Room BD @ 42db as my 2 pcs are on and overall for the compact size the mic performed well. The can be adjusted and it will hold the position you place it in to get that perfect position without
including any heavy breathing during intense gaming moments. Each setup on this will perform differently but here is a comparison to a G430 headset.

COMFORT – I’ve worn these for extended periods and had no issues with them irritating my ears or falling out. overall I felt these with the soft rubber ear tips to be decent.

CONNECTIVITY – you get a standard single 3.5mm jack with in-line volume control as well as an additional cable with a female 3.5mm jack splitting into 2x 3.5mm jacks one for earphones and one for the mic. This you
would use to insert into say a PC. You can play/pause the audio via the media controls as well as increase the volume but what would have been nice to see here is the ability to mute the mic
works on PC, XBOX ONE & PS4 as well as smartphones with a 3.5 jack.

CABLE – You get the attached cable which is 2mm thick and 1.2m long, rubber and red. There is an additional extension cable which is good that is 3.5mm thick, fully braided and in black. Using it on the PC I would have liked
a longer extension cable around 2m.

SIZE – These didn’t jump out as big earphones and I class them in the medium category.
mic length = 123.3mm
ear width 18.1mm and depth 20.4mm

Case = 25g
Mic = 2g
Earphone = 5g
Ear and Mic = 8g
All together = 24g
All together in Case = 48g

IN THE BOX – You get a hardback carry case to protect them when travelling, You get the detachable microphone, some additional ear tips, extension cable and manual. The packaging and what you get for the price
was impressive.

CONCLUSION – If you are fed up of having to carry around a large headset when gaming and want a decent compromise then these are worth looking at. They are compact, well built and won’t break the bank.