Zowie S2 Divina Review Esports Gaming Mouse Review

Zowie S2 Divina Review Esports Gaming Mouse Review













  • Decent Shape
  • Great Sensor
  • Flexible Cable
  • Great Quality
  • Decent Skatez


  • No Software
  • Poor Scroll Wheel

Welcome to another #techtuesday. So I decided to take a look at the Zowie S2 Divina Esports gaming mouse which I picked up on day release. I hadn’t had a chance to get around to reviewing it, but today I have, and I’ll be giving my thoughts on it.
I challenge you to prove me wrong as after this review; there will be nothing that you don’t know about this gaming mouse as we are going to cover everything from shape to the amount of pressure you need to press to actuate the buttons.
We show each test in great detail in the below YouTube video, so check it out if you want the full lowdown. These reviews are like no others you have seen unless you are already following me which if that’s the case welcome back :-).


PRICE – It comes in at £69.99 and $69.99, which is getting up in the higher price range but within the general cost of most Zowie Gaming Mice.

DESIGN/SHAPE – To give you a comparison, my hand is 18cm x 9cm across the palm, and my thump is 5cm from the bottom knuckle. The design is what you would expect from Benq Zowie gaming mouse with some gentle curves on the sides, allowing you to grip the mouse.
There is a hump on the rear, and the edges at the back tapers out with the top being quite flat.
The buttons come built into the shell with some comfort curves which have some flared edges and could potentially catch your finger if you move it off the side of the mouse and begin to return it.
It comes in two sizes the S2 which is the smaller version and the one I have here and the S1 which is the larger one.
The mouse is predominantly for right-handed players, but it’s almost ambidextrous given its uniform shape. The only issue is the two side buttons, which are only on the lift hand side. If you want a similar profile and ambidextrous check out the Zowie FK2.
It comes with a smooth coating which I expected to find very slippy, but I don’t encounter the issues I did when using the Logitech G Pro Wireless. The gloss coating feels sticky to me, but I do have dry hands so I could see with sweaty hands this being an issue. There is no RGB, and it comes in baby blue like this one or pink.
The scroll wheel is finished in rubber with some large ridges. It only has the ability to press down and does not have a left to right switch.
This cable is grey which is unusual as most are black so this could play on your OCD, and there is a Benq logo in the bottom right and one on the rear.
There are two dedicated buttons on the bottom one to control the DPI with a dedicated colour for each level and the other for changing the polling rate indicated by white some LED’s. It’s nice to see this included in the design as some Zowie mice require you to press and hold the buttons while you plug it into the USB to select specific settings. What I haven’t tested is whether this mouse would keep its settings on a console so this could certainly be a benefit.

BUILD QUALITY – You can tell as soon as you pick up this gaming mouse that it’s built well as it just feels superb in your hand. I have no complaints here, and I love how it’s been put together. I didn’t come across any rattles, squeaks or weak sides when pressed. This quality is damn near perfect, in my opinion. The only part that I could pick on was the Benq logo which has some imperfections in that paint, that’s it. If you want to see a full teardown on this check out the below YouTube video.

SENSOR – Well it hosts the PMW3360 sensor, and it’s well-known and tested. It comes with presets of 400/800/1600/3200, which for me is a little limited. The polling rate can also be altered from 125/500/1000, which is the default.
During the PMW3360 tests, the mouse sensor performed best for me at 400dpi, and I found it was great, but above this, dpi, I found it wasn’t great for me. I found that on the G640 mousepad, it was harder for me to control, and I found that my hand was cramping due to the amount of pressure I had to apply to try to control it.
On the Razer Scarab mousepad though wow this did feel nice and for me the better surface for it. You can also see in the YouTube video that on the fast lift offs and down press regardless of the surface that this was on it was going left at all dpi levels. This during gameplay wasn’t an issue, and a lot of the sensors I’ve tested do this but worth noting if you lift off a lot and very fast.

BUTTONS – There is a nice feel to these Huano switches, but I do sometimes find I’m pressing the right button by mistake. They are light at the front, and this could be why as I’m catching that flared edge. It’s not all the time just when I’m gripping the mouse a little harder looking for more control.
The side ones felt nice also if a little harder to press. I found for my hand; these are in the right position for my thumb.
It has the usual Zowie Scroll wheel which feels gritty and sounds noisy but then it’s the same in all of the Zowie range I’ve tested, and this one is no exception if you want to hear the sound test check the review video.
Button latency I tested it using Human benchmark and got the following avg of 175ms, which falls into line with other mice.

WEIGHT – Benq Zowie says this comes in at 82 grams, but without the cable, I weighed it at 88 grams which is 6 grams heavier than I expected. I compared the S2 feel to my Logitech G Pro Wireless which is 80 grams, as I wanted to be sure and it did feel more like 88 grams, and with the cable, it’s 132 grams.
Zowie might say this is because they weight it without a cable attached, but to me, this is a little miss leading and other mice I’ve weighed generally come in as expected bar the Finalmouse Air58.

MOUSE SKATEZ – The standard skatez are a significant size on this, and there are two. I’ve been doing a lot of testing on mouse Skatez, and the S2 came in mid-range for speed/control with nothing outstanding or wrong to report on. If you want to see, more testing, check out this Mouse Skate Comparison Video.

CABLE – It has a decent, cable, and it feels lovely and flexible compared to say the FK2 or ZA which are good but this in my option is better and well ahead of most of the competition, with the only exception being the DM1 FPS and Finalmouse Air58.
It would still benefit from a Paracord mod but most would. Its rubber coated and comes in around 2 meters, which is plenty. At 2.5mm thick it will fit into most if not all Mouse Bungees.

SOFTWARE – Again with Zowie, they provide zero software to install, which for me is a shame as it limits the customisation. I would recommend X Mouse software to bind the side buttons and middle scroll click.

CONCLUSION – This is a solid mouse which offers an excellent shape that will suit most grips and hand sizes.

I found it comfortable while gaming, but under extreme control situations, I found it could feel some cramping. It’s well-built and in fact, could be the best one I’ve felt.
It has limited features and doesn’t come with any software which is a shame, but it’s a decent weight even at 88 grams and comes equipped with the newer PMW3360 sensor. Compared to rivals in this category, it’s undoubtedly one of the best I’ve tested and worth considering as a purchase.