Hati-S light weight gaming mouse

These are my first impressions and my full review will come very soon as well as a fully detailed comparison against the Mira-S. Please note that this is a sample version and things might change on the final retail version.

  • 52g with a bit of cable
  • 113mm L x 57mm W x 39mm H
  • 3389 sensor
  • Decent cable which is detachable
  • Solid build quality
  • Scroll has a lot of side movement and isn’t that nice
  • Scroll Encoder is a Kailh black which feels stiff
  • Scroll press Huano Green Dot
  • Main switches Omron D2FC-F-7N (20m)
  • Mains feel nice and snappy with no side to side movement
  • Mains low pre travel but some post travel
  • Side switches Huano Green Dot
  • Side press feel decent low pre and some post travel
  • DPI switch is a Huano Green Dot
  • DPI Low profile button
  • Custom Large rear Skate and to smaller front
  • Polling rate button on base.